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New Zealand Employment Law Guide 2019

Richard Rudman

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This practical, plain-language guide outlines and explains the laws which govern all aspects of employment relations — including the duties and obligations of employers and employees, individual bargaining and employment agreements, collective bargaining and collective agreements, health and safety, working hours, remuneration, holidays, termination, disputes and grievances, discrimination, information and privacy, and much more.

Key decisions from the Employment Court, the Employment Relations Authority and other courts and tribunals are used to show how employment laws and agreements are interpreted and applied. 

The Guide is revised annually, and the law and decisions it contains are right up to date.

The 2019 edition:

  • outlines changes to employment law and employment relations introduced by the Labour-New Zealand First coalition government
  • details changes to trial periods, collective bargaining rules, and union entry provisions
  • sets out the new rights of victims of domestic violence to paid leave and flexible working arrangements
  • includes key decisions from the Employment Court and the Employment Relations Authority in 2018
  • details more than 20 Acts of Parliament which govern employment and employment relations.

It is an essential reference for employers, employees, managers, HR and ER specialists, recruitment consultants, lawyers, students and anyone else involved or interested in this dynamic field of law.

Contents covered include:

  • Employment Law and the Workplace
  • Employers and Workers
  • Duties and Obligations of Employers and Employees
  • Employment Contracts and Agreements
  • The Employment Law Institutions
  • Employment Terms and Conditions for Individuals
  • Unions, Collective Bargaining and Collective Agreements
  • Hours of Work
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Holidays and Leave
  • The End of Employment
  • Dismissal for Cause
  • Redundancy, Restructuring, and Employment Protection
  • Employment Relationship Problems
  • Health and Safety
  • Discrimination  
  • Information and Privacy
  • Education and Training
  • Model Individual Employment Agreement

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