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New Zealand Lawyers' Tax Companion

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eBook $128.00 (plus GST)

Understanding the income tax and GST implications of common legal transactions has never been more important. With lawyers now in the front line for collecting RLWT, a working knowledge of the bright-line test is essential.

The New Zealand Lawyers’ Tax Companion is the only tax handbook which has been specifically written from a lawyer’s perspective. Organised around legal transactions rather than tax topics, this book is designed to be a practical guide to tax law for the general legal practitioner.

Packed with examples, case studies and checklists, it contains straightforward commentary covering the tax aspects of transactions that lawyers commonly advise on.

Topics included:

  • real estate: sale and purchase, subdivision and development 
  • structuring a business 
  • buying and selling a business 
  • compensation and damages payments 
  • family law 
  • disputes procedure 
  • trusts 
  • wills and administration of deceased estates.

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