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New Zealand Competition Law and Policy

Matt Sumpter, Ben Hamlin, James Mellsop

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New Zealand Competition Law and Policy is the first comprehensive textbook dedicated to New Zealand competition law, policy and economics. It is designed to be accessible for law and commerce students, but the wealth of detail and practical advice it contains will also be invaluable for both new and experienced competition law practitioners.

This substantial volume covers all aspects of an often complex area of law, clearly explaining principles and laying out the relevant governing legislation.

Contents include:

  • Competition policy
  • Competition law economics
  • Market definition
  • Introduction to restrictive trade practices
  • Cartels and hard-core restrictive trade practices
  • Joint ventures and the Commerce Act
  • Arrangements substantially lessening competition
  • Vertical agreements and restraints of trade
  • Single firm conduct: s 36 and the misuse of market power
  • The regulation of business acquisitions
  • The intellectual property – competition law interface
  • Part 4 Commerce Act regulation
  • Commerce Commission approvals
  • Jurisdiction, procedure and review
  • The Commerce Commission’s investigatory powers
  • Commerce Act penalties and remedies.

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