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The Big Issues in Employment: HR Management and Employment Relations in New Zealand

Jane Parker

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The first of its kind in New Zealand, this new title focuses on the important issues within both human resources management and employment relations. The book actively seeks to raise academic, policy-maker and practitioner awareness of the key debates that need to be addressed to help New Zealand organisations to adopt more cutting-edge approaches to HR management (HRM) and employment relations. Topics covered include:

  • the relevance of historical context to HRM and employment relations
  • defining the contemporary workplace and workforce
  • managing diversity in New Zealand workplaces
  • SMEs — what do their HRM and employment relations look like?
  • the dynamics of HRM and employment relations processes
  • good workplaces: alternative dispute resolution and restorative justice
  • HRM and employment relations in multi-national corporations
  • can HRM and employment relations be strategic? Evidence from New Zealand
  • the relevance of corporate social responsibility for HRM and employment relations
  • bullying: its meaning for HRM and employment relations
  • HRM, employment relations and careers in New Zealand workplaces. 

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