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Commercial Applications of Company Law in New Zealand - 5th Edition

Gordon Walker, Alma Pekmezovic, Pamela Hanrahan, Ian Ramsay, Geof Stapledon

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This is a student textbook structured around a full teaching semester that uses an innovative teaching method for business students of company law. It focuses on the ordinary events and issues faced by companies and their advisers, and explains the law in a plain English style that is accessible and relevant to business students. The text is supported by three case studies and problem sets related to the case studies that demonstrate the operation of the law in a practical context.

Examples of company documents and extracts from the key legislation are also provided.

The fifth edition has been fully revised. In particular, it addresses the changes flowing from the creation of the Financial Markets Authority and the passage of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, including the downstream amendments to the Companies Act 1993 (new Part 11) and the Companies Amendment Act 2014.

Topics covered include:

  • functions and structure of companies
  • company management
  • consequences of mismanagement
  • company reporting and disclosure under new Part 11 of the Companies Act
  • company finance
  • companies and outsiders
  • The Financial Markets Authority
  • The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

Designed as a guide for students of company law, this practical book will also be of use to business professionals and their advisors.

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