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Trustee Liability: What Every Trustee Needs to Know

Vicki Ammundsen

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Trustee Liability: What Every Trustee Needs to Know is a practical, up-to-date guide that every trustee and potential trustee should read.

The realities of being a trustee are discussed and concise commentary on each topic alerts the reader to the risks associated with trustees’ duties and obligations. Examples drawn from real-life situations are then used to illustrate the issues in a straightforward question and answer format.

The book also outlines strategies and practical steps that trustees can take to protect themselves against liability.

Topics covered include:

  • appointment as a trustee
  • how trustee liability arises
  • joint and several liability
  • sources of trustee liability
  • trustees’ liability for income tax and GST
  • rights of indemnity and reimbursement
  • liability for decisions of co-trustees
  • liability for court costs
  • mitigation of trustee liability through appropriate governance
  • risks arising from inappropriate delegation
  • the use of corporate trustees
  • appropriate insurance options.

The text references relevant case law.

Who should buy this book:

This book will be an invaluable guide for anyone advising a trustee, anyone considering acting as a trustee or a trustee who wants to fully understand the obligations they have taken on.

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