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The Trustee's Handbook: Checklists and Precedents for Trustees - 4th Edition

Vicki Ammundsen

Book $96.00 (plus GST)
eBook $96.00 (plus GST)

The Trustee’s Handbook is a must-have for trustees, trust advisers and anyone involved with administering trusts. This fourth edition includes more than 120 precedent minutes and resolutions — all reproduced on an accompanying CD. The precedents reflect the sorts of decisions that trustees most often make and matters that trustees need to take into consideration.

In addition, the book includes comprehensive and practical checklists (also on the CD) to guide trustees as they go about the day to day business of being a trustee.

Topics covered include:

  • set up procedures for management and administration
  • reviewing the trust deed
  • what it is to be a trustee
  • what to do if a beneficiary requests trust documents
  • how to hold a trustee meeting
  • constitutional issues.

Checklists cover a wide range of matters, including:

  • factors to consider when deciding whether to accept appointment as a trustee
  • whether or not to act personally or through a corporate trustee
  • important set-up procedures for administration
  • key initial decisions
  • how to exercise powers of investment
  • how to ratify decisions
  • factors to consider when making distributions
  • gifting considerations
  • how to retire as trustees
  • important considerations about mental capacity.

This new edition has been expanded to include new precedents and checklists and fully updated to reflect current trust practice.

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