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Residential Tenancies: The Law and Practice - 4th Edition

David Grinlinton

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Residential Tenancies is an authoritative work providing up-to-date, clear and practical guidance on the law relating to residential tenancies in New Zealand.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Tenancy Protection Legislation in New Zealand
Chapter 2: The application of the Act
Covers the application of the Residential Tenancies Act in some detail, including the tenancies that are caught by the Act and those that are excluded, the interrelationship with other legislation, and the commercial aspects of some residential tenancies.
Chapter 3: Creating a tenancy agreement
Deals with issues of contract and negotiation, capacity to enter into tenancy agreements, issues of discrimination, the types of tenancy agreements that may be entered into, the formalities that must be complied with, and prohibited transactions.
Chapter 4: Bonds and rents
Deals with financial matters such as bonds, rent and other payments.
Chapter 5: Rights and obligations of landlords and tenants
Discusses the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, including the mechanisms for enforcement of those rights and obligations.
Chapter 6: Terminating a tenancy
Covers the rules that apply to termination.
Chapter 7: Boarding-house tenancies
Describes the new regime for Boarding-house tenancies introduced in 2010 as Part 2A of the Act
Chapter 8: Administration: The tribunal and mediation
Sets out the administrative structure set up under the Act, including the Tenancy Tribunal and provision for mediation.

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