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Campbell on Mortgages

Neil Campbell

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Campbell on Mortgages is an authoritative work covering the law of mortgages relating to land in New Zealand. It provides the busy practitioner with up-to-date, clear and practical guidance on land as security: mortgages and other charges.


Neil Campbell QC is a barrister practising civil and commercial litigation. He was previously an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at The University of Auckland. His practice, teaching, and research has focused on land law, contract law, insurance law, and company law. His research on those subjects has been published in leading domestic and international texts.


• nature, definition and operation of a mortgage 
• legal and equitable mortgages 
• capacity to mortgage and restrictions on alienation 
• the mortgagee’s security 
• forms of mortgage 
• implied covenants, powers and conditions 
• obligations secured by the mortgage 
• the mortgagor’s right to redeem 
• clogging the equity of redemption 
• other rights of the mortgagor 
• dealings with mortgaged land 
• rights of the mortgagee 
• remedies of the mortgagee 
• Marshalling 
• variation and discharge 
• encumbrance instruments 
• statutory charges 
• charging orders

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