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Immigration and Refugee Law in New Zealand - 2nd Edition

Doug Tennent

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In an age of ever-increasing globalisation and travel, migration and relocation, immigration law affects a growing number of people. For legal practitioners and immigration consultants alike, work in this area is challenging, demanding and often stressful.

Immigration and Refugee Law, 2nd edition is an updated commentary on New Zealand immigration legislation. The Immigration Act 1987, which had been in force for nearly 22 years, was repealed and replaced by the Immigration Act 2009 by Order in Council in 2010. The new Act brought about many changes: a new visa regime; a new category of protected persons; and the new Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

This text contains updated commentary on the similarities and differences between the two pieces of legislation and the on-going influence the 1987 Act has on the 2009 Act. It also considers the challenges being faced by the bodies implementing the 2009 Act and provides some assistance in this process.

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