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Focus on Resource Management Law

Ceri Warnock and Maree Baker-Galloway

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An accessible introduction to resource management law in New Zealand, Focus on Resource Management Law explains the main statutory provisions and includes summaries of leading cases in the area. The title also prepares students for examinations by including practice exam questions and answers, and suggestions for further reading.

Most legal practitioners need some working knowledge of the Resource Management Act (RMA) and as a result RMA has become a major subject within Law Faculties. However, it is a complex and dense subject and students often struggle, particularly as most RMA courses are condensed into a single semester.

Focus on Resource Management Law provides a straightforward introduction to resource management law. It explains the main statutory provisions; includes summaries of the leading cases, suggestions for further reading and prepares students for exams by including practice exam questions and answers.

Features include:

  • A ‘new’ type of student law textbook for New Zealand
  • The text is in simple language, with case summaries alongside the moment the case is mentioned allowing the user/student a better understanding of context and why the case has been mentioned.

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