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Insurance Claims in New Zealand

Paul Michalik, Chris Boys

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Insurance claims are the reason why the insurance industry exists. In this comprehensive work, authors Chris Boys and Paul Michalik put claims at the heart of their analysis of insurance law in New Zealand.

Insurance Claims in New Zealand is a rigorous and complete presentation of the law relating to how insurance claims are made and assessed in New Zealand. The authors examine issues arising at every level in the process, from determining the validity of the policy and resolving issues of coverage and exclusion, to assessing the quantum of the loss or damage to be paid. 

This text is an indispensable resource for those working with and advising on insurance claims.

     •     Written by expert New Zealand-based professionals
     •     A law practitioner’s resource, focussing on the nuts and bolts
     •     Portable and easy access to relevant guidance

Table of contents

1. Overview and general principles of Insurance law
2. Terminology
3. Introduction to claims
4. Responding to a claim
5. Proving the loss
6. Indemnity
7. Quantum and Assessing the Claim
8. Avoidance for non-disclosure
9. Non-payment of claims
10. Joint and composite insurance/insuring multiple interests
11. Subrogation
12. Double insurance
13. Average
14. Insurance intermediaries- agents and brokers
15. Issues in particular contracts of insurance
16. Complaints resolution schemes
17. The Courts
18. The Earthquake Commission Act 1993
19. The Accident Compensation Act 2001


Paul Michalik graduated from Victoria University of Wellington and was admitted to the Bar in 1993. He completed a Bachelor of Civil Law at Oxford University in 1996-1997, and taught as a member of the Law Faculty of Oxford University for one year before returning to private practice in New Zealand in 1999. He has taught Insurance Law as an adjunct lecturer to the Faculty of Law of Victoria University of Wellington since 2001. Paul practices in civil litigation, commercial property, and insurance.

Chris Boys is a Barrister and Solicitor, and is the Director of the law firm Assure Legal. He specialises in insurance law and litigation, and appears as counsel in the High Court and District Court. Prior to entering private practice, Chris worked for the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman. Before he was admitted to the Bar, Chris worked in a number of insurance roles in London and New Zealand, including as a Lloyds Broker and senior Commercial Claims Handler.

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