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Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook, 7th edition

Sarh Parsons, Nicky Richardson

eBook $139.13 (plus GST)

The seventh edition of Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook is a practical tool for modern will drafters and legal executives. Written in plain English, the sample clauses and sample wills are easy to follow and simple to use. This edition also includes useful information and sample clauses in respect of Enduring Power of Attorney documents.

     •     Practical commentary 
     •     Useful precedents
     •     sample claises and wills

Table of contents

     •     Interviewing the will-maker
     •     Making the will
     •     Opening clauses and the formal elements of a will
     •     Complete forms of wills and codicils
     •     Enduring Powers of Attorney
     •     Interviewing the donor
     •     Special clauses


Sarah Parsons’ experience encompasses private legal practice, public sector and in-house roles that have involved a variety of subject matter including wills, powers of attorney and trusts work. Sarah co-authored the sixth edition of Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook as well as Nevill’s Trusts Drafting Handbook. She is presently a director of Umbrella Law Limited.

Nicky Richardson was a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at Canterbury, now retired. As well as co-authoring the previous edition of Nevill’s Will Drafting Handbook and Nevill’s Trusts Drafting Handbook, Nicky is the author of the comprehensive Nevill’s Law of Trusts, Wills and Administration 11th edition.

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