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Workforce Manager: Small Business Edition

$150.00 (plus GST)

This special edition of Workforce Manager was recently launched at Fieldays, and is now available and suited to any business which employs a small number of staff to help manage HR operations efficiently. 

It provides valuable information and expert guidance on good HR management practices from recruitment and selection through to health and safety.

Covers five key employment areas:

  • Getting the right person for the job
  • Offering employment
  • Managing the new employee
  • Managing performance
  • Health and safety at work.

Giving you the tools needed to make good decisions, each section has a brief description of any legal requirements and advice on good HR practices. It includes model documents that you can adapt to meet the specific needs of your business. This product is provided on a user-friendly USB drive for easy download and use. 

Practical resources include:

  • Forms to use in a range of employment situations
  • Model letters and other documents to get you started on the paper work
  • Model policy statements on various key employment issues 
  • Fact sheets so that you are well informed on important topics
  • Checklists to help you make certain that everything you need to do gets done 
  • A model individual employment agreement, with various model clauses for different situations.

Key benefits

  • Successfully draw up and negotiate employment contracts for employees and contractors
  • Save time and ensure a consistent approach with model forms and templates that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your business
  • Avoid unnecessary disputes and minimise risk of employment grievances with correct policies and procedures in place
  • Know how to respond to difficult situations or manage poor performance with expert guidance and information at hand
  • Work with confidence following best professional practice.


Finding your way around is quick and straightforward with clickable links that take you straight to related topics and documents needed. 

Downloading and using documents

Downloadable documents are provided in Rich Text Format (*.rtf) for easy use in most word-processing programmes. Adapt the documents to suit the circumstances and needs of your organisation, store them as templates, print them for your use, or distribute them for use by others in the organisation. 


Getting the right person for the job

  • Job analysis questionaire
  • Job description form
  • Person specification form
  • Candidate’s consent for pre-employment drugs test
  • Employment application form
  • Employment applications assessment form
  • Employment applications tracking form
  • Interview assessment form
  • Job interview plan
  • Letter acknowledging application
  • Letter declining application
  • Reference check form

Offering employment

  • Model individual employment agreement
  • Letter offering employment under individual employment agreement
  • Model clause for fixed-term employment agreement
  • Model pay as you go holiday pay clause for fixed term employment agreement
  • Model short form individual employment agreement for a casual employee

Managing the new employee

  • Induction plan
  • Wages and time record
  • Model policy - Alcohol and drugs use
  • Model policy - Code of ethics
  • Resolving employment relationship problems

Managing performance

  • Performance plan and review form
  • Performance problem discussion form
  • Model policy - Warnings process

Health & Safety at Work

  • Fact sheet - Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • Model policy - Health and Safety for a small organisation
  • Hazard identification form
  • Risk assessment - example for a factory machine
  • Checklist - Workplace first aid needs assessment
  • First aid register form

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