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HR Manager — A New Zealand Handbook

Richard Rudman

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HR Manager - A New Zealand Handbook is a practical and comprehensive new guide to all key areas of human resources management in New Zealand. It explores the latest developments in people management practice, talent management, employment law, and health and safety. 

Providing up-to-date requirements for legal compliance, and essential guidance on good HR practice, this book will help organisations and HR professionals:

  • have the skills to manage staff through each stage of the employment cycle
  • stay compliant with key areas of employment law
  • respond to day-to-day issues involving staff with confidence
  • make the right decisions when faced with more challenging HR scenarios
  • refer to sample HR policies, procedures and forms and adapt them for their own use.

Written in plain English and designed so that readers can easily find the topic they are interested in, HR Manager is the ideal, quick-reference guide for busy professionals. The book incorporates findings from the latest research studies and surveys to keep practitioners and students up-to-date with new developments in this complex area.

The guide contains detailed coverage of:

  • contemporary approaches to human resources management, and the role of HR specialists and the HR function
  • talent management strategies and techniques — including recruitment, selection, and onboarding
  • employment relations, employee engagement, the employment contract, and the employment relationship
  • performance management for organisations and individuals
  • rewards, remuneration, benefits and entitlements
  • the changing nature of learning and development processes and initiatives
  • managing workplace health and safety, employee well-being and work-life balance
  • handling workplace problems, workplace investigations, and disciplinary processes
  • the legal and human aspects of termination.

HR Manager also includes essays on three trending topics: the future of work, the gig economy, and how to manage millennials.

Who should read this guide?

HR Manager is a handbook that HR professionals and managers at all levels can delve into for information, examples, up-to-date requirements for legal compliance, and advice on good HR practice. The easy and clear style will also help students with no work or business experience in this area to grasp the concepts and practices being discussed.

About the author
Richard Rudman is a consultant and writer who specialises in human resources management and employment relations. 

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