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New Zealand Employment Law Guide 2019 and HR Manager eBook Pack

$149.60 (plus GST)

Providing up-to-date requirements for legal compliance, and essential guidance on good HR practice, the Employment Law Guide and HR Manager pack will help organisations and HR professionals manage staff through each stage of the employment cycle with confidence.

This pack includes the following two books in print version:

1. New Zealand Employment Law Guide - Published January 2019

The Employment Law Guide is a practical, plain-language guide that outlines and explains the laws which govern all aspects of employment relations — including the duties and obligations of employers and employees, individual bargaining and employment agreements, collective bargaining and collective agreements, health and safety, working hours, remuneration, holidays, termination, disputes and grievances, discrimination, information and privacy, and much more. The  Guide will keep you up to date with the requirements of over 20 employment law statutes. 

Five reasons to get the latest guide:  

  1. User-friendly – allows you to quickly find information and answers on specific employment issues
  2. Comprehensive – clearly outlines the requirements of more than 20 key employment statutes
  3. Practical – helps readers to understand and apply the law effectively in the workplace
  4. Real-life – reports recent decisions of the courts and tribunals to illustrate how employment law is interpreted and applied in practice
  5. Current – the new edition is based on the law in effect at 1 January 2019.

Easy to understand and with extensive coverage of recent employment cases, this straightforward guide will help you stay compliant with current employment laws.

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2. HR Manager - A New Zealand Handbook - Published August 2018

HR Manager is a comprehensive and practical guide to all aspects of human resources management, written by one of New Zealand’s best-known and most experienced practitioners. It is the perfect companion to the Employment Law Guide and explores the latest developments in people management practice, talent management, employment law, and health and safety.

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