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New Zealand Goods and Services Tax Legislation 2019

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eBook $110.00 (plus GST)

This title provides a fully-indexed and comprehensive consolidation of the New Zealand Goods and Services tax legislation. An essential resource for GST advisers, accountants, lawyers and tax agents, the book contains:

  • Goods and Services Tax Act 1985
  • Comprehensive summary of amendments
  • Pending reforms
  • Extensive history notes
  • Detailed index.

The book incorporates all amendments enacted to 1 January 2019, including the amended associated persons provision for trusts that overcomes the effect of two High Court decisions involving professional trustees: Concepts 124 Ltd v C of IR (2014) 26 NZTC ¶21-100 and Staithes Drive Development Ltd v C of IR (2015) 27 NZTC ¶22-028.

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