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Australian and NZ Master Work Health and Safety Guide

Cormack E. Dunn

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The Australian and New Zealand Master Work Health and Safety Guide is a practical guide for health and safety professionals, HR advisors, managers, lawyers, academics, students and others with responsibility or interest in workplace health and safety.

With the combined work of over 60 authors, many of whom are recognised as experts in their field, it brings together their knowledge and experience to explain and provide practical examples of best practice in workplace safety. 

This new edition includes an update to address the introduction of new work health and safety laws in New Zealand, and new chapters on high-risk industries, hygiene, property and industrial organisations. It also includes case studies, practical tools and guidance material helpful to practitioners in both safety and human resources. 

The Guide clearly explains the history of safety laws in Australia and New Zealand, how these laws are enforced by safety regulators and actions organisations need to take to ensure they comply with these laws. 

With illustrations, diagrams and precedent forms, this Master Work Health and Safety Guide is the leader in its field and an invaluable tool to those practicing or seeking to better understand workplace safety.


The Guide focuses on key areas of workplace health and safety:

Part One is an introductory chapter which explains key concepts, such as why workplace health and safety is important not only for social reasons, but also for economic sustainability and growth.

Part Two is a legal chapter which provides a history and overview of the work health and safety laws in Australia and New Zealand. This part is key to understanding the framework and rules that govern how workplaces must be kept safe.

Part Three examines the key elements of a health and safety management system. It explains why these elements, such as safety leadership, consultation and risk management, are essential to making workplaces safe.

Part Four outlines what to expect in the event of a serious workplace accident. It provides guidance on what to do to mitigate the impact of an incident on both people and the organisation, and prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

Part Five examines specific workplace health and safety risks that are common to many workplaces. It includes risks that arise from plant, chemicals and noise, and specially addresses high-risk industries, such as mining.


Cormack E. Dunn
Cormack is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected safety lawyers. His career of over 20 years includes time in government and private practice. Cormack is currently a partner at Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, where he heads the Australian Safety Practice and is the Team Leader of its Global Safety Team.

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