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New Zealand Trust Reports Volume 1 Part 1 (1965-2003)

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New Zealand Trust Reports, Volume 1 (Part 1) is now available in print for the first time. This reproduces full text judgments relating to the law of trusts delivered by the New Zealand High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Privy Council for the period 1965 to 2003.

Each case includes a comprehensive headnote to help with research, and to give you a better understanding of the court decision.

All cases are indexed by subject in the Case Index, and by legislation provision in the Legislation Finding List to assist in finding the information you need.

Cases reported cover:

  • Legal principles and new developments in the law of trusts
  • The implementation by the courts of trust law in New Zealand
  • Trust interpretation
  • Cases which illustrate the courts’ exercise of their discretions under statute or inherent jurisdiction
  • Unreported judgments referred to by the courts in subsequent decisions
  • Decisions with unusual features which may be instructive in relation to the general application of trust law

This 984-page casebook is based on the online service of the same name, which has a practical orientation for those actively involved or interested in the law of trusts, whether as a professional advisor or practitioner or in an active trust administration capacity.

Read Andrew Butler's review of this publication.

New Zealand Trust Reports, Volume 1 (Part 2) is also available.

To purchase both casebooks (Part 1 and 2), order here.

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