We offer a full range of high-quality eBook titles

CCH eBooks replicate the content of their print equivalent while offering the additional value of quick link navigation and access from tables of contents, cross-references and index entries.

Our recommended eReader applications — Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader — will also give you the ability to access additional features, including:

  • Bookmarking
  • inserting notes
  • highlighting text
  • altering font types and sizes
  • links to external website content (Adobe Digital editions)

eBook Format and Rights Management

CCH eBooks are created in the EPUB format, protected with Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM).

EPUB is an open standard, non-proprietary file format and is the most widely supported format for eBooks. The EPUB format reflows the text according to screen size, giving the reader a wide choice of reading devices, from smart phones and tablets through to laptops and desktop computers. 

CCH eBooks are converted directly into EPUB files from our content management system – rather than from basic PDFs – and this allows the reader to experience all the enhancements of the EPUB format, including full linking functionality, text reflowing, navigation implementation and accurately rendered graphics.

Adobe DRM is a digital protection system that enables the purchaser to transfer the eBook between the devices of his or her choice while preventing unauthorised file sharing.

Compatible devices and applications for CCH eBooks

eReader Applications and Devices

To enjoy the full experience of a CCH eBook, your intended reading device will need to be compatible with the EPUB format and support Adobe DRM. Guidance for using our recommended devices is as follows:

To purchase and download a CCH eBook to read on your PC or Mac desktop/laptop computer:

1. Download a free copy of Adobe Digital Editions to your desktop or laptop computer click here to dowload Adobe Digital Editions. Please note, you may require administrator rights on your computer to complete this action.

2. Create an Adobe ID if you do not already have one — click here and go to Get an Adobe ID

3. Authorise your PC — open Adobe Digital Editions and go to Help > Authorise Computer.

4. Purchase the eBook you require from our online store.

5. Open the email that is sent to you after the transaction is complete.

6. Click on the eBook link, then click on Download eBook. The eBook should open in Adobe Digital Editions.


To purchase and download a CCH eBook to read on your iPad:

1. Install the Bluefire Reader app on your iPad from the App Store.

2. Create an Adobe ID if you do not already have one — click here and go to Get an Adobe ID

3. Purchase the eBook you require from our online store.

4. Open the email that is sent to you after the transaction is complete.

5. Click on the eBook link, then click on Open in Bluefire.

6. Enter your Adobe ID and Password when prompted and your eBook should automatically download to the Bluefire Reader.

Other eReaders and devices

DL Reader, also available from the Apple App Store, is an alternative to Bluefire Reader.

We do not currently support other eReader and device combinations.

Many CCH eBooks are large and contain detailed tables.  While a number of other eReader and device combinations support Adobe DRM-protected EPUB files, many of them are low specification and will not deliver acceptable response times or rendering to match the quality of your CCH eBook.

We cannot guarantee that these other combinations will either work properly or deliver a satisfactory eBook experience, so customers who purchase CCH eBooks to read on devices other than the PC/Mac or iPad/iPhone options recommended here do so at their own risk.

Please check the following link for more information on Adobe Digital Editions and other eReading devices.

As eBook and eReader technology matures, CCH will continue to evaluate its supported options and update this guidance accordingly.

eBook Voucher Redemption

If you have a voucher for a CCH eBook you would like to redeem, click on the link below and an enter the pin code:

Redeem eBook Voucher

eBook Returns

CCH eBooks are non-returnable and non-refundable once the eBook has been downloaded.

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