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Corporate & Commercial

  • Guidebook to New Zealand Companies and Securities Law - 9th Edition

    This ninth edition of CCH’s popular company and securities law guide provides a clear, informative and up-to-date explanation of this important area of business law. Since the previous edition was published, there have been significant legislative changes and important judgments handed down... Read more

    Published: Jul 2018

    Book $98.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $98.00 (plus GST)
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  • New Zealand Contract and Commercial Legislation 2018

    The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (CCLA) came into force on 1 September 2017 to provide fresh, remastered contract and commercial legislation for modern day use. This essential piece of legislation:  repeals and consolidates 12 contract and commercial statutes to allow... Read more

    Published: Mar 2018

    Book $128.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $128.00 (plus GST)
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  • New Zealand Companies and Financial Markets Legislation Pack 2018 - Print

    This pack includes the following two volumes: New Zealand Companies Legislation  New Zealand Financial Markets Legislation  The new financial markets conduct regime came into full force in December 2016 and this pack provides a comprehensive set of the key companies and fin... Read more

    Published: Mar 2018

    $198.90 (plus GST)
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  • $198.90 (plus GST)
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  • New Zealand Companies Legislation 2018

    A convenient and comprehensive set of companies legislation for practitioners and business people. The book contains relevant statutes, regulations, notices and orders incorporating amendments enacted up to 1 January 2018 and includes: Companies Act 1993 Financial Reporting Act 2013 Tax... Read more

    Published: Mar 2018

    Book $124.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $124.00 (plus GST)
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  • New Zealand Financial Markets Legislation 2018

    New Zealand Financial Markets Legislation is a comprehensive set of key financial markets legislation for practitioners, business and regulatory compliance people. This book contains key financial markets statutes, regulations and exemption notices. The new edition is consolidated to 1 January 20... Read more

    Published: Mar 2018

    Book $110.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $110.00 (plus GST)
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  • Intellectual Property Law: Principles in Practice 3rd Edition

    The field of intellectual property law continues to grow, while moving increasingly into the mainstream. The third edition of this invaluable book has been extensively revised and updated — keeping the reader abreast with the latest developments in this area of law. Written by ... Read more

    Published: Oct 2017

    Book $88.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $88.00 (plus GST)
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  • Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Company Secretaries in New Zealand - 5th Edition

    With the lessons that have emerged from the latest global financial crisis and a number of events reshaping the health and safety framework in New Zealand, it is key for directors and management to keep up to date with legal developments that are relevant to their roles. This new edition sets ... Read more

    Published: May 2016

    Book $120.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $120.00 (plus GST)
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  • Corporate Governance: A Practical Handbook - 2nd Edition

    This guide is a user-friendly resource for those needing a practical set of tools to carry out the complex work of the board of directors. No matter what your experience level, this book will inform and stimulate your thinking and help you build the best governance knowledge and practices for you... Read more

    Published: Apr 2016

    Book $120.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $120.00 (plus GST)
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  • Corporate Debt: Statutory Demands - 2nd Edition

    Corporate Debt: Statutory Demands is an essential guide to the traps, pitfalls and enforcement of debts under a s 289 notice. Whether you are a creditor, or a director fending off such action, you need to know how these procedures can be used and what can be done to oppose them. Updated with r... Read more

    Published: Nov 2013

    Book $90.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $90.00 (plus GST)
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  • Fair Trading: Misleading or Deceptive Conduct - 2nd Edition

    Providing an indispensable comparative and in-depth resource, Fair Trading: Misleading or Deceptive Conduct examines 26 years of section 9 case law and distils the consequent principles from the Fair Trading Act 1986. The authors explore the key elements of an action under section 9: namely th... Read more

    Published: Jul 2013

    eBook $139.13 (plus GST)
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  • Guide to Company Liquidation

    Guide to Company Liquidation is an authoritative work providing up-to-date, clear and practical guidance on the law relating to Company Liquidation in New Zealand. It includes commentary on a plethora of significant issues concerning company liquidation, covering topics such as the liquidation pr... Read more

    Published: Nov 2012

    eBook $80.00 (plus GST)
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  • Personal and Corporate Insolvency Legislation - 2nd Edition

    In 2006, New Zealand adopted far-reaching insolvency reform. Parliament passed three new Acts to provide for a more modern regime to deal with bankruptcy, liquidation and their alternatives. Insolvency Act 2006; Companies Amendment Act 2006; Insolvency (Cross-border) Act 2006. The fir... Read more

    Published: Nov 2012

    eBook $130.43 (plus GST)
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  • Meetings - Practice and Procedure in New Zealand - 4th Edition

    This popular and practical guide to every aspect of the law and practice of meetings in New Zealand is now in its fourth edition. It provides a concise guide to all types of meetings and is an essential resource for all those involved in planning, chairing and running meetings. Contents includ... Read more

    Published: Jun 2010

    Book $96.00 (plus GST)
    eBook $96.00 (plus GST)
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